Slash (Guns n Roses, Velvet Revolver)

Excluding Les Paul, Slash has sold more Gibson guitars than anyone. I worked on a multitude of projects for Slash: worldwide campaigns, co-branded projects, one-off designs, tour support, event design, etc. The most successful campaign was the “Appetite for Destruction” Les Paul. Ironically, the original it was based on was not a Gibson, just an underground knockoff.

  • Over 250% margins on each model established through B2B and B2C marketing
  • Preview marketing resulted in full sell out at initial offerings
  • Broadcast, print, digital, billboard, collateral, experiential, social, event
  • Directed photo shoots, copywriters, video teams and promotional events
  • Worldwide campaigns that was placed in the Americas, Asia/Pacific, and Europe
  • Total revenue exceeded over 25m worldwide
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