"BE HEARD"                                                                                                      Brand Advertising

"You yearned to play. To have that machine in your hands. You played. Maybe not well. Maybe not long. To be heard. You imagined playing again. Time. Freedom. To be heard. Pick it up and finally finish what you have to say."

"LISTEN"                                                                                                         Holiday Advertising

"The best presents are from those who listen."

"MODERN History everyday"                                                                                    Brand Advertising

LEGENDARY  (series)                                                                                                                                                                                                            

"Les Paul Standard  Legendary" along with artist names to the right associated with the instrument.


"ES-335 Luminary"


"Custom Primary"


"Flying V Visionary"


"Goldtop Honorary"


Chris Cornell • Joe Perry

Memphis Zoo app

Beta launch Fall 2021 • Full launch January 2022

Entire app is internal. No need for any internet to function. No delay in content delivery. Built with Adobe Animate. Scripted in Actionscript 3. Beacons were integrated with Animate to create an internal and local geolocation for visitors in the park.

Memphis Zoo mobile app "Coming soon" promo

Custom drawn, interactive map with geolocation

Full catalogue of animals with background, video & conservation status

Live feeds and full daily, weekly & monthly schedules

Guitar Build Workshop app 

Company in Nashville that allows guests to build a guitar from scratch, on-site in 1 day. The app was created to aid in material streamlining. Allowing the customer to design their guitar before arriving allows for seamless and streamlined material costs.

"Gifted" TV ad

In preparation for a special occasion, a father quizzes his young daughter about Gibson models and the artists who played them. She proves herself ready and later accompanies her mother in choosing the right gift for her father.

"Sultan" TV ad

A Sultan is presented with gifts and riches from all over. However, the only gift he truly prizes is the Gibson Les Paul.

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